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April 10, 2014
With the weather warming, more houses are being listed for sale. This is providing more housing for buyers to consider as they plan to make changes. That could be somebody moving up or a downsize transaction.
With things starting to get busy in the market, it is vitally important to meet and discuss your options for a pre-approval. The importance is that it helps to position you better in being able to provide a quicker closing. With the current market, providing a quick closing, for the seller, can be appealing and also reward you with the home you so desire. I am hearing of situations where clients lose out to a competitive offer since the other party could close quicker. Another advantage is that it helps to plan, before you feel rushed, in making a quick decision. By setting up an appointment, with me, before looking you can help to avoid the pressure in making a decision too hastily regarding your mortgage options.

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