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10 Reasons to refi with FHA
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CapGrow Difference
Many people feel that when it comes to a mortgage that it is easier and faster to stay with their credit union or bank. In reality, as Lee Corso of ES...
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When should I start to get pre-approved?
Many first time buyers wonder how soon they should start the process of getting pre-approved for a home purchase? In reality, the answer is 6 to 12 mo...
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Flexible Refinance Options Extended!
Good news for home owners that need help with lowering their monthly payments!Two major investors, FHLMC and FNMA, have extended their programs to Jun...
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Cost to Wait
Often potential first time buyers ask is it a good time to buy now? Should I wait to put more money down? Does it cost me to wait to buy?To answer the...
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Short Sale
Today the consumer has many options to consider in buying a house. With the excess inventory on the market, prices are lower than most recent years. I...
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