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10 Reasons to refi with FHA
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Get pre-approved!
Why is getting pre-approved for a mortgage important? When should I start the process? What is the cost of pre-approval for a home purchase?These are ...
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Mortgages for Veterans
Mortgages for Veteran's offer Zero Down!Residential mortgages for Veteran's or VA Mortgages still allow a qualified veteran to obtain a house with no ...
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Will Mortgage Rates Go Lower?
Since mortgage rates were in the lower 4's in 2010, they have gone up to the high 4's in late 2010. Since December, there has not been a lot of moveme...
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How to repair a credit score?
How do I repair my credit score? What changes can I make to increase my score?As mentioned in last weeks blog,
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What Credit Score is needed to buy a home?
Many ask as to what credit score do I need to buy a home now? With a lot of the mortgage changes, this number has been going up. Currently, for govern...
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