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10 Reasons to refi with FHA
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Positive Mortgage Changes
Good News! Private Mortgage Insurance Companies have relaxed some credit guidelines within the past 30 days! Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) Companie...
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Buy Your Home with a tax refund!
Flexible down payment options do still exist for borrowers financing their home purchase! In fact, many people will use their federal and/or state tax...
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First Time Buyers Adjustable Rates
FHA Adjustable Rate Mortgages are not to be confused with the exotic, sub-prime adjustable rate mortgages, that have been linked to the melt down of t...
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Rate Tracker
Rick Whisman has save hundreds of clients thousands of dollars over the years with his rate tracker service!I have a proprietary database that I monit...
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ARM Mortgages Still A Viable Option
Why Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARM) Can Still Be A Good Option.With the sub-prime meltdown of the mortgage industry, many of the mortgage options ...
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