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10 Reasons to refi with FHA
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Reovering home values
Since 2007, when the real estate bubble burst, home values had seen a significant drop in value. It was not uncommon to see a 15 to 20% drop in valuat...
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Great News!
Great news in the mortgage industry! The Harp program has been extended until 12/31/2015. What is Harp or Harp 2.0? Well the home affordable refinance...
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Buy Your Home with a tax refund!
Here is a popular blog that I had posted about this time last year.Flexible down payment options do still exist for borrowers financing their home pur...
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Work Visa Mortgages
Can I buy a house if I am not a citizen of the United States?As America continues to be the melting pot of the world, we have more and more immigrants...
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Local Lender Advantage
When selecting a lender, the consumer has many options. Often referrals come from friends, family, realtors or selecting a lender on the internet. Tod...
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