10 Reasons to refi with FHA
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Can I get a mortgage after a foreclosure?
When can I buy a house if I have had a foreclosure? This question is asked often or sometimes not at all by clients.With the recent hard times,...
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Top 5 Reasons to Choose Capgrow
With so many lenders in the market today, how do I make a choice? Capgrow Home Mortgage offers 5 advantages of choosing Rick Whisman and Capgrow...
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Home Financing Made Easy!
Financing a home is easier, these days, than many people think. While it is true that the documentation process requires more, it doesn't mean t...
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Great News for FHA Mortgages!
If you currently have a FHA mortgage that you closed before June 1, 2009, great news for you! FHA is rolling back its mortgage insurance rates!What do...
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FHA Lowers Rates!
Great news for FHA financed homeowners! If you last financed, prior to June 2009, you can save an additional monthly amount with relaxed mortgag...
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