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10 Reasons to refi with FHA
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There are 3 reasons why a consumer should get pre-approved

Happy first time buyers Chris and Amy Presley!
  1. Enhance your negotiation position. You can negotiate, as a cash buyer, with the seller. The seller doesn’t want to risk taking their house off the market only to learn that the consumer can’t secure their financing.
  2. Quicker Closings. As you are looking, Capgrow can be processing your file, to help you offer a quicker closing. This could be the difference in getting a house versus losing it to the competition.
  3. Better financing decisions in contract negotiations. By consulting with Rick, before the contract is negotiated, you can identify how you want to negotiate your offer. Sometimes it will be to offer a lower price. In other times, it maybe to offer a little higher price to allow the seller to pay for some closing costs to get in for less out of pocket. Also, the seller can pay for other costs (points) to allow for securing a lower rate.