CapGrow Home Mortgage, LLC (NMLS #1159698 / #226503) is a full service mortgage banking company with a highly trained staff. All aspects of mortgage originations, including in-house processing, underwriting, closing, and funding, are handled locally. Lower overhead, personal service, and the ability to shop the mortgage wholesale market for the best pricing options are what separates CapGrow from its banking peers.


What we do:

We locally and independently originate residential mortgage loans. Our experience, strong financials, and client following allow us to offer competitive rates/fees and a level of service second to none. We derive our revenue through the sale of the servicing of your loan into the mortgage secondary market, not by charging excessive fees. We remain as your personal contact, monitor market changes and assist in any future mortgage needs you may have.

How we do it:

We take as much time as needed to listen, understand your needs, and earn your trust. Learning more about your situation allows us provide the best financing options available. The more you learn about what we do and how we work, the better it is for you as a consumer, and the better it for us as a company. Working by referral, we desire our clients to become our ‘unpaid sales force’ in the metro Saint Louis area. We manage our daily tasks with the reciprocated trust that the results (your referrals) will follow.

Why Choose CapGrow:

CapGrow Home Mortgage, LLC is dedicated to providing our client the highest level of professionalism. Our mortgage consultants and staff share a passion to deliver exceptional service, pricing and loan options.
We look forward to your call, learning your story, and sharing more of ours. We are real people who work hard to earn the trust of our customers. Our desire is that within moments of your call, the experience and passion of our local staff will be evident. Thank you for your consideration in choosing us to become your home loan lender.

Here are a few items that specifically differentiate us from our peers and allow for our competitive edge and loyal following:

We are efficient in our work force. Unlike our peers, the owners/partners at CapGrow are solely focused on making mortgage loans and are much more involved in the process. The result is significantly lower overhead. We can work on a lower profit margin than our industry peers because we do not have to split the margin with any outside investors, numerous commissioned sales representatives or any hierarchy of VP’s, Assistant VP’s, Compliance Staff, Office Managers, Sales Managers, Shareholders, etc.

We are efficient in our financial structure. As a privately held firm, we are fully capitalized, i.e., we lend our own money. This sets up apart from others in that we do not incur large interest expense in funding our loans nor the excessive per file warehouse line charges that add to the overhead costs of our local peers. Our financial strength also affords our clients added flexibility with some of the portfolio lending options we have available – like bridge loans

We do not have affinity business relationships with any title companies, appraisers, real estate companies or individual Realtors. Yes, we work by referral and there is a good chance you are reading this as a result of a Realtor referral but rest assured; they get no financial ‘kick-back’. This is becoming more and more NOT the norm. However, the Realtors who work with us realize our value in serving your mortgage needs and keeping happy customers. A satisfied customer will share their experience and refer their Realtor to others. The way we look at it, we give the Realtor much more than any co-marketing advertising or desk-rental arrangement can provide.

We avoid advertising expenses. Our business is referred to us by Realtors, past clients, and local financial advisors, accountants and attorneys.

We are efficient in the little things. These ‘little things’ can easily add up to over an extra $100 in savings. They include items most don’t even know about because they are so common and they only relate to the title company closing charges. Consider the following…

  • Our clients should not incur a wire fee because we typically bring a cashier’s check to closing
  • Our clients should not incur an extra closing fee because we attend our closings
  • Our clients should not incur a document download fee because we bring the file to the closing
  • Our clients should not incur a courier fee because we bring the file back to our office immediately after your closing.

We are local and only work in Missouri. We have chosen to stay focused on the Missouri market – mainly Saint Louis County, St. Louis City, St Charles County, Jefferson County, Franklin County, Boone County, and Lake Ozark. By staying focused on the local metro market, we avoid extra licensing, compliance and staffing expense.
Thank you for taking the time to review the above information. We look forward to working together!