Whether you are a first-time buyer or not, most purchasers quickly realize that in order to make an offer on home, they will need to provide a pre-approval letter. The pre-approval letter confirms for all parties that you are qualified to make the home purchase. Beyond a mere piece of paper, this is your financial future we are discussing so we encourage that you utilize the pre-approval process as an opportunity to thoroughly review your options and ask questions.



Being pre-approved puts you in a better position to get your contract accepted versus competing offers. I have had some of my pre-approval letters accepted over others since I have a superior reputation in the real estate industry. Put 30 years of experience to work for you as a respected lender.


Providing your information, upfront, helps to insure a quicker closing as we can work on your file why you are looking for that perfect house. It also a safeguard against inaccurate pre-qualifications given over the phone by others “quick approval” lenders. The first answer is not always the best answer you hear.


 Take the time learn about all of your options before you start looking to avoid a hasty quick decision later. Too often clients get a quick pre-approval without any discussion as to what is the best option given your needs. A 30 minute discussion can you give piece of mind over a 30 year decision.


It is good to have a general understanding of how overall mortgage loan approval process works. From the initial conversation to your loan closing, we are diligent in managing your expectations and easily guiding you through the process. Our individual approach gives you direct contact with the decision makers of your loan. We can offer this because we are independent, local, owner operated, and owner capitalized.

Some customers wish to have a more detailed overview of how the entire mortgage ‘market’ works, how loan rates are determined, and how CapGrow fits into process vs. other banks or mortgage firms. We welcome the chance to explain the process and what differentiates us to best serve the needs of our local customers. Give us a call today!